Tiffany ParbsPiece: etched, 2004

"I never painted dreams. I painted my own reality.” - Frida Kahlo 
I do not need to return. I will find you everywhere. You alone can go wherever I go, into the same mysterious regions. You too know the language of the nerves. You will always know what I am saying even if I do not.
written by Anaïs Nin, from a letter to Henry Miller  (via goghst)

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“He can get his own girl and his own kid. That’s every man’s right”
The Place Beyond the Pines (2012)Derek Cianfrance

Serge Gainsbourg and his partner Jane Birkin in the courtyard of the French National College of Fine Arts, in Paris, photo by Jacques Haillot, January 2, 1969

Kids - Larry Clark (1995)

Ian Curtis of Joy Division
January 1980, Germany
And all the colors I am inside have not been invented yet.
written by Shel Silverstein, Where the Sidewalk Ends: The Poems and Drawings of Shel Silverstein

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Christian PattersonAlex’s Tavern, 2005from the series Sound Effects